Why you should avoid

Have you heard the saying: ‘cheaters never prosper?’ Well, in most cases, not all, but most, this turns out to be true. What can seem like a short cut, such as getting someone else to do your homework, can in fact create more work, more stress, and more problems in the long-run. So, here are a few reasons that you SHOULD NOT cheat on academic homework.


You will Likely Get Caught

Firstly, your tutors are sure to have a pretty good idea of the kind of work that you will produce. Tutors are experts at discovering when a piece of work is inconsistent, in itself, and with the rest of the work produced by the students. Getting caught means trouble, and more scrutiny on all future work.

You Will Not Learn

Simply, you will not learn what the homework is designed to teach, and what the homework is designed to teach will come up again and again in your academic life. Cheat once, and you will have to cheat each time, because each time will get more challenging, and you will have missed the learning curve.

You May Fail Tests

Relatedly, cheating is a short term solution. If you do not do your own work, then you will, without any doubt, fail any exam that is related to that coursework. Cheating may work for English homework, but that homework is preparation for examination, and we cannot hire people to do that for us!

You Will Fall Behind Intellectually

If you begin cheating, you will become, in comparison to your classmates, uninformed, and will be more and more challenged by the classroom discussions. If this happens, your tutor will note discrepancies between classroom work and homework and you will be monitored.

It Will Set Up A Lifetime of Cheating

School is about learning to be a responsible adult. That means learning to take our work seriously, and to be able to manage our own lives in accordance with the demands of society. If you begin by sneaking around and avoiding work, you are very likely to find adult life very very hard!

Cheating is a short term solution that does not offer any real, long-lasting benefits. As the cliché goes: ‘you are cheating only yourself’. You alone suffer from your cheating. Knuckle down, do the work, and it becomes easy.