Is Homework Harmful Or Helpful: 5 Aspects To Consider

Are you trying to figure out if homework is a bad or good thing, but you don’t know how to decide? Then you must find out the main important factors that should be kept in mind when making a decision. When you have all the facts in your hand, then making the right choice will be relatively straightforward. With that thought in mind, here are the 5 factors that you must be considered when deciding if homework is a good or bad thing:

  1. Can Cause Depression
  2. In some instances too much work and the deadlines that are associated with them can result in students getting depressed, which is one of the drawbacks of home based assignments. The depression comes from the fact that work can pile up, or it can be too difficult to complete without help that is usually available while in class. If depression is becoming a problem for a student, then they should seek to do something about it.

  3. Get Ahead
  4. Doing a lot of work at home can help a student get a head of the class and in the process achieve the top grades in the exams. This means if they were struggling in class they can easily catch up. It just depends on how motivated the student is to do the work at home.

  5. Study Style
  6. Most people like to study in their own unique way and homework gives students this opportunity to do so. For example, if a student finds it difficult to study in class, then perhaps they can get the majority of their work done whilst at home. The point is that the freedom of study style can help improve the overall study experience of a student.

  7. No Time For Hobbies
  8. Part of a balanced lifestyle should include physical activity and other hobbies, but if a student is burdened with too much work, then they will have no time. Therefore, work should only be assigned if there is real value to it. There is no point in getting students to do work that has already been taught in class.

  9. Not Enough Time In Class
  10. In some cases there might not be enough time for teachers to cover all the material in class. Therefore, working at home allows the right preparations to be made for the exams that are to come.